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Natural Nail Services 

Polish change

This is exactly what you need if you just want a quick fix. This includes trimming of the cuticles, trimming the nails, shaping nails, and polish.

Manicure with Gel Polish

Want to indulge a little more? Upgrade to a full manicure for an extra $5 dollars! Along with trimming of the cuticles, nails, and buffing the nails we also add on a relaxing hand and arm massage.

Signature Manicure

Our signature manicure includes cutting of the cuticles, trimming and buffing the nails, a relaxing hand and arm massage, and polish.

Polish Change with Gel Polish
Adding gel polish to a polish change means you can leave the salon as soon as you are done without worrying about smudging your nail polish. The perfect upgrade to this “quick-fix” service!

Acrylic Nail Services 

Acrylic Full Set

Consists of  acrylic powder and monomer to form a paste-like product. It is built up and shaped to your desired length and shape preferences. 

Acrylic Balance
Consists of removing previous polish color, re-shaping and trimming the nails if needed, and filling in the growth of the acrylic. A new color is applied after each balance!
Acrylic Repair
Fixing a nail varies on how the nail is broke. If the breaks happens within a week of your appointment, consider it on us!
Gel Artificial Services
Full Gel Set
The consists of a gel product that is used to build up your nail. It can be any length and shape that you desire. This service comes with gel polish.
Artificial Gel Balance
This consists of removing the previous polish color, re-shaping and cutting down the nails, filling in the area of growth with the gel artificial product, and finishing it up with a fresh new color!
Gel Artificial Repair
Repairing a nail can vary on how it breaks. If you break a nail within 7 days of your appointment, consider it on us!
Dip Services
dip on Natural Nails
This service consists of adding the glue base and the dip powder to your natural nail without adding nail tips!
Dip Removal
The dip product must be removed before re-applying another set every time !
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