Artificial Nails


Acrylic nails consist of acrylic powder that is applied in a paste-like form. The nails can be formed to your desired length and shape. You can choose from any of our OPI collections or upgrade to our gel polish for an additional $15.
  • Full Set$42
  • Acrylic Balance$32
  • Acrylic repair ( when added to a service )$3 or $5
  • ** If the repair is needed within a week after your original service, then consider it on us!

Gel Enhancements

Gel enhancement nails consist of a clear, gel base that is applied in a paste-like form and placed under a UV light. The gel enhancement nails are thinner than acrylics making them more flexible and lighter, therefore, looking more natural. Choose from our permanent gel colors or go with a simple French look. There are endless options!
  • Gel Set$54
  • Gel Balance$49
  • Gel Repair$10
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